In our role as stewards of our client’s investment, ARIM constantly monitors and provides feedback to companies to promote good corporate governance and corporate sustainability in our investee companies. ARIM does this through engagement with investee companies and voting proxies. We endeavor to exercise our voting rights in the best interests of our clients in line with our fiduciary duty.

In 2021, ARIM voted at 71 shareholders’ meetings on 517 resolutions. Out of the 71 meetings, 80% were voted in favour of all resolutions while 20% were voted against or abstained on at least one item. In total, ARIM voted “with” management on 485 (94%) resolutions and “Against” or “Abstain” on 32 (6%) resolutions.


ARIM actively engages with its investee company on issues such as strategy, performance, risk, capital structure, sustainability, corporate governance, and other ESG variables. This is aimed at gaining insights and strategies investee companies, communicating our views and concerns as well as advocating change and improvement to maximize the long term interests of our clients.

A total of 398 engagements has been attended by research analysts with the senior management of the investee companies. These engagements include analyst briefings, internal meetings and company visits.

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